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viernes, octubre 29, 2004

Oohh Lala!

Oohh Lala! I really can't believed that I've learned PHP.. hahaha.. last night, i've just finished putting up the interfaces of Engg Lib's supposedly OPAC :D and putting up a server for it as well. Thank God, it is so great just like HIM. Well, but that doesn't solve all of my problems which is usual. I still have a dilemma of goin to the 2nd day of the conference instead of doin my enlistment. Hell it is. Well, if only i have a sure slot in a comsci course, i won't have problems at all.. or maybe just the problem of gettin "a GE".. although of course i want my GE to be 'uno-able' and not time-consuming just like majors. Sigh, i've got a grade of 2.25.. tsk tsk, i wish that my EL50 would be at least 1.75 so that i can still make up for the average. Really toxic, i wasn't focusin on the right subject. My KAS2 Prof was only a masquerade of the course's difficulty. But he really is good in disciplining his students.. LOL.. just like me goin to the point of somewhat making his subject my priority which is wrong. "~**~**Time will pass me by...~**~**~" Wish me luck for next week's global conference..
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