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jueves, agosto 12, 2004

Nice n Slow

In the last 2 weeks, I had watched a hell lotsa movies! Ranging from the romantic A Walk to Remember, Path to War, Saved, Transporter, Catwoman, 4400, Ragnarok Animation, and many more! It is like.. that i can already make a bunch of movie reviews! Well, despite of the fact that i have done those stuffz, I did it while I was researchin, chattin, and all of the possible things that I can do while watchin the video on non-fullscreen mode. The important thing is, I should do some time management, and I really did proved it to myself that I can do it, just like being a student assistant and many other responsibilities.. I should take things nice and slow.. For the meantime, I gotta go 'coz I still have oral reports to do.. I wish that it would be saturday already and also to have my salary as soon as possible. ^_^
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