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sábado, septiembre 11, 2004


Hay..omg.. i cant even believe that i would be experiencin my first surgery! waaa! If only everything was just a dream! But well, at least my prof in my major gave us a bonus week of preparation.. even though I still feel a little bit handicapped because of my group and physical situation.. gheez.. But i was still grateful..coz my prof in my EL50 somehow approved my topic even though i have second thoughts runnin in my mind... A toxic kind of week passed.. it was definitely exhausting... i cant even believed that my KAS2 long test was that easy.. even though it is really hard to study junks of lecture notes, as well as the essay was long too..coz, imagine 6 items.. 10 points each.. and then.. x2 ! which meant that every item is worth 20 points..thus, what i did was what people used to think that longer essays have more chances of earning higher scores.. ^_^ though i really wish that my prof would be much of a considerate person.. :D Oh well, I'm so excited on what will happen in the last weeks of this month..OH HELL... i didnt even bothered to go to our yearbook launch. Who cares? I didnt even thought of buying that yearbook stuff... the only thing that i cared about or what matters to me.. was.. they shouldn't post any of my copyrighted pictures.. coz.. obviously, that was one hell of an IPR violation! Nobody even informed me that they're gonna use my pics in that GradBall Presentation.. WTF? Although they put my name in the credits.. it never made me forget those happenings.. oh my.. this is life.. full of sufferrings.. pain.. sorrow.. shit...

Shit happens.
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