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miércoles, septiembre 22, 2004


whoah... finally, everything's over... it's very painful, though as you can see here..i can still type. LOL.. nothin can stop me from doing this.. of course as long as i still have my fingers complete and functional as well.. ^_^ ... Gosh, i still have lotsa stuff to do.. omg, i cant even imagine a life having this stuff on my body.. i cant even swing my arm in 360... golly.. i still have a database to do.. and a term paper to follow... ouch.. it still hurts.. well, actually, im tryin "Soujiro Seta's smile" .. some sort of smirkin and smilin while experiencin pain and fear inside. Only in this way one could overcome pain and sufferring, by smiling, laughter or in simply by sleeping. I wish i could turn back the hands of time, and see why these things were happening to me.. what the cause of this health problems whatsoever. I wish i can still attain the right average... oh my.. i think im feelin like hell.. I can hardly wish that I should've been a robot, no emotions... no sufferrings.. or some sort of a cyborg... But that's way too far, maybe in a century that would be possible in case the sun would already be depleting its hydrogen sources.. right now, im gonna leave... a little bit unwell.. no one to comfort me.. still out of roads again, dont know where to go.. Sigh.


Blogger daal_24 said...

hi! daal toh! ngpasurgery ka? why nman? what happened? ok ka nmna dyan db? anyways, good luck and god bless po!

2:39 p. m.  

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