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sábado, octubre 23, 2004


Oh well.. weekend at last.. it was fun having a lunch with my fellow SAs yesterday.. but before that.. i was very nervous on what's gonna happen in the assembly for the Sun Tech Day's volunteers.. well.. it was great coz of course it would be my very first time to be in that kind of event as well as having challenge & responsibility.. well.. im thinkin if i waz the youngest of them.. LOL.. coz most of them were already in their 4th and 5th years.. i waz glad coz i know 3 or 4 of them.. out of the whole 30+ volunteers.. im really not OP at all. ^_^ They were nice.. and friendly.. as expected :D But during the assembly.. i waz sort of in a drowzy mood again.. coz i was still workin on OPAC interfaces.. woohoo! i haven't finished it yet.. not even finished my INC... nor started reviewing for Math subjects..still gettin ready for the enrollment.. and woosh! This is a great 'vacation' at all.. LMAO. But im still grateful for the events..coz they seem to be trying to achieve a goal..one of which is not yet discovered in my mind..Well. the assembly was effective.. though, as usual, we're not yet ready to make decisions on assigning roles.. well, i'll wait for the final assigning.. haha..im wishin that ill be able to get my subjects.. while still workin on the said event.. hahaha.. wish me luck... after all.. this saturday was a bad one.. lol.. my nose got tangled with a clothes's wiring.. what the heck... i think the cartilage was disturbed.. tsk tsk.. anyway.. i need to sleep...maybe this one'll take care of my nose. ^_^
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