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miércoles, octubre 13, 2004


Now this is what i call toxicity! Well, I haven't felt any feeling or signs of the usual hell week which is lotsa finals and term papers to be done.. but im now feelin the toxic effect inside my body, my brain, everywhere even in my bed, which was suppose to be my sanctuary. Oh well, right now while im typin, my eyes were becoming very drowzzzy.. i wanna sleep but i shouldn't. Im still excited on what will happen in the next days.. I waz plannin on havin an all-day sleep. Oh well, i wish i could successfully enlist my desired subjects, finish this crappy INC, study in advanced for the next subjects, just to achieve the goal of gettin a high grade. 'Coz it seems that I really dont know what kind of 'bug' that is in my system. Sometimes i feel that I should go back to my own way of being an independent, no peers because only in that way I think I can focus on my studies w/o being a "sawsaw". I really hate those people who are "sawsaw" (a term which is originally from pRO which means "kill-steal" to the point of getting experience from other players' games.) especially those who do it in purpose. At least, i admit that sometimes im one of those too, but i have valid reasons why i do it, and also sometimes I make a "pay-back" just to compensate for the situation when i waz a previous "sawsaw". Well, anyway, we could not stop people from being like this.. lazy, slow, whatever... - but these are the main problems of the Philippines and the reason why our country is not developing! Laziness and greed! What more can you ask for? Hmm.. i think im startin to be harsh here.. gotta go.. Wish me luck for my paper and exam tomorrow. :D
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