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martes, septiembre 28, 2004

Inspiration Chronicles: Part III

Phew, even though this post would seem to be a late one, (today is Oct 6, 2004) I just wanna have a reminiscence of what had happened at this day. ... Well, after havin a checkup on my bandages, I suddenly noticed that the sky was turning dark, thick puff of rain clouds were all over the campus.. I decided to stroll at the SC, hoping to find some luck in any of the stores.. I thought that maybe i can have a snack again ^^ .. Suddenly, the rooftop was makin noise already.. there was splashing of water, and the wind was blowing hard outside. It was already raining cats and dogs. I began to tremble and created a dilemma if ill just wait for the rain to calm, or to buy a new umbrella or maybe a jacket coz i lost my last precious umbrella in a taxicab... omg. I waz walkin back and forth in front of the famous UP Maroon shirt shop... and there was this lady that came in and purchased an umbrella.. Finally...after about 10-15 minutes of confusion, I decided to buy one too. Well, afterwards I didn't think of using the nearest exit of SC, so i decided to take another route which is the long one just to hitch in a UP IKOT jeepney. My, I look so weird indeed.. but I follow my instincts coz actually, i felt that there was somethin that's gonna happen that day.. And there i was, sittin in the front seat of the jeeepneyr, goin corners and over humps, I began to noticed the girl at my back.. she was seated right at the back nearest to the entrance of the jeepney. She was readin a pocketbook... And i began to remember that she was my classmate in the class where i was goin... I noticed that she doesnt have an umbrella...But still, the rain hadn't stop yet.. The jeepney hailed at a lightpost and both of us left the jeepney. I unfolded my umbrella, pretending that I did not see her, but after a crossroad, I began to smile at her, askin her why she enjoys being under the rain..while coverin her already my umbrella.. and she just answered that her poise would only be ruined if she dashed towards the building.. she then asks if she's my classmate, (it is actually weird, coz im sitted right in front of her) and of course i said yes.. oh well.. what i can only say is.. she's cute, nice, ^_^ simple but elegant.. but, I'm still waitin for the right time to ask her for my ballpen that she borrowed in a previous exam.. LMAO ..why im inspired? well, the after-effect was still in my mind.. i dunno why.. I felt like crazy :D..well..im just wishin that our paths might cross again at a crossroad ^_^

Buy an umbrella, meet a friend.
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