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martes, octubre 19, 2004


Phew! It's like that im feelin the earth move under my feet. I've been sleepin and eatin in cycles.. haha.. just to have a payback from the sleepness nights and morning that i had. Two days after my RO had been messed up, I waz able to tweak it again. haha.. and it worked! Well, in that experience, i began to understand how private servers (international) really worked.. coz they're all usin the same client released by korea.. thus.. it becomes different in the servers and the launcher/updaters each server is releasin.. hahahaha.. errr.. i think i still need a lot of rest. gheez.. maybe it is not yet the right time to post.. but.. even though i should sleep, i have to make advanced studies and reviews again.. darn it.. i hate this situation... tryin to remember the skills/strategies/tactics.. that was taught last summer.. wth, i cant even remember how to divide... for goodness sake.. may the force be with me... :D
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