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viernes, agosto 27, 2004

Ragnarok Supremacy!

yeeha! you wouldn't believe what i'd just discovered a few days ago.. SupremeRO! It has unlimited access, lag-free and i guess it has much fun because of the in-game features! Imagine having a ragnarok game with these cool features: a "warper", healer, random card dealer, quest skill NPC, 4 slotted gears!, and many other cool stuffs... although there was a stat/skill modifier, i havent use it yet.. maybe i will.. after attaining 99.. ^_^ .. and I just can't believe i have attained 90+ in just a day or two... /heh .. but the best thing about the game was, there was a filipino in the server admin, and it is FREE! You only need to sacrifice for the download of the client which was about 900MB+ though i'd it downloaded at the rate of 6 seconds : 60 real-time seconds... which is.. UBER fast!

Well... you would be shocked to see that Baphomet roams the town of Izlude.. he wouldn't be much of a hazard not unless you try to sneak upon his place.. hehe.. also.. Poring were roamin the towns.. and dont even dare attack one of them.. coz they deal a heck of 10000 damage... and they have high AGI... which alerted me to modify my stats.. maybe DEX for the bow part... ^_^

I've killed nightmares, turtles, baphomet(with a team).. and many other monsters.. well.. I should go now.. coz it's my lunch break.. ^_^
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