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viernes, julio 16, 2004

I'm different, I'm an "ethical Ragnaroker"...

"Sometime ago I was hired by a software solutions company based in Ortigas, i was also given a workstation that has a "quite impressive" videocard. At that very day, a female officemate of mine who was sitting near me was whining that she cant play cant ragnarok because her computer only has this "so-so" video card installed on it. Her faggot, lanky, look-at-me-because-im-so-cool boyfriend came up to her and said "ok lang yan makakahanap tayo ng paraan diyan". That was the last day i saw that video card that was suppose to be mine. The next day i went back to work and was both furious and surprised that someone has changed my video card into a pathetic one, also that morning I saw this female officemate and her faggot BF were playing ragnarok and giving me a few glances, and sometimes breaks into laughter and saying "akong bahala diyan pag nagreklamo yan". "Naknamputa..." I felt like grabbing a bottle of coke and cracking their skulls using
it... Pero wag na, kawawa naman yung bote...

So time went by and the little by little the office was plunged into this ragnarok madness
that people started to stay overnight and sign OT sheets and say that they have to rush something, but all along they were just playing ragnarok till dawn. Also, these people talk nothing but ragnarok all the time, at office hours, at lunch break, at "gimiks", "alang pinipiniling oras". They also acquired this "ragna-bot" thingie which has a simple interface and this software automatically "creeps" and "loots" for them, or simply "plays" for them which is obviously illegal. These people, including a few who were high in the office hierarchy, were also the ones who come to the office 3-4 hours late and strut in the office like some Capt. Jack Sparrow and get nosy on other people's work. They are also the same people who crash into the middle of other department's/project's meetings and start talking bullshit as if they have known what was the group's topic before they barged in.

Scores and scores of people are also playing in our local internet cafe... "Sa tinatambayan
ko..." I was totally pissed when some of the computers where i used to play LAN games were
converted into dedicated "RAGNAROK RIGS". Tonight, I sat on one of the rigs and started to download a few mp3s, i went out for a while and bought a bottle of cola, when i came back i was confronted by the INet cafe's patron because some players were lagging and one ragnarok player told that the kazaa opened in my computer was the reason for the lag. "BAWAL DAW MAGDOWNLOAD". EH MGA PUTANGINA PALA NILA EH, kaya nga internet cafe yun eh dahil pwede kang magdownload, surf, and play games dun, hindi naman nakalagay dun na "RAGNAROK CAFE" yun.

Some players of this game are just past 10 years old, some younger, funny that they stay at wee hours just to play this damn game and pay P150 for their 10 hours of playing time... Saan nakukuha ang isang 10 year old na bata ang kanyang P150 araw-araw panlaro ng ragnarok? Paano nakakapasok itong batang ito kung puyat siya lagi kaka-ragnarok? I have even witnessed a brawl happened in that cafe when a guild member "looted" an item from a fellow guild member. Andun sila nagbabasagan ng mukha dahil lang sa isang item sa isang mindless na online game. Also, some of the players were still undergraduates and were obviously cutting their classes "para lang makapagpalevel-up at makakuha ng items." A friend of mine even furiously stormed Level-up's main office because his account was "hacked" and his level 70+ archmage's million zennies worth of items were stolen, including his precious "bone wand", and demanded that his items be restored. I also know someone who was dead serious in trading his Nokia 5110i in real life to someone just to get this +1 zillion uber-elite-super-socketed-armor. Damn! I have never even thought such a game could make people do such things... Ooops! Forgot the word "pathetic", it should have been "I have never even thought such a game could make people do such PATHETIC things..."

So you ask, paano ko nalaman ang mga bagay na ito? Siguro sinasabi niyo na "E gago ka pala eh naglalaro ka rin siguro niyan!". Sorry na lang mga tol, but im not a hypocrite who preaches that he hates something which he himself is addictively doing. E sa araw2 ba naman na marinig ko yan imposible naman na i-block ko yung mga conversations ng mga tao from my ears as they talk about this ragnarok bullcrap. So what am i trying to say here? Im saying that this ragnarok thingie, little by little, is ruining lives, real people's lives and not some imaginary character made up of 1's and 0's.

And who knows? It may be your life..."

----based on someone's Friendster Bulletin Board ^_^

......hmm.. parang may kakilala ako a... ROFLMAO ^_^
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