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miércoles, julio 28, 2004

Back at one...

Days had passed, (as well as my birthday) and I'm back on the track again. It's been a very "hassle-lacious" week that I have encountered in the history of my birthday's week. It's just that the GMA's SONA didn't fall on the day of my birthday (Awww), so it was suppose to be half-day. ^_^ Lots of sleepless nights, drowzy and sleepy classes, these made me so stressed out, i can hardly eat and enjoy my food. Nevertheless, I've learned a hell lot of lessons in my acads, as well as in life's experiences. I have learned to budget money. (time is money, time is gold). Imagine being in a situation like me - a Student Assistant working at the UP Engg Lib at the same time, developing a database for a public catalog, studying academics, being an egroup owner and leader at my term project in one of my LIS majors, maintaining a very good grade, finishing a requirement because of stupid INC on a useless subject, sleeplessness, no love life (as if), and lastly, the feeling of loneliness. Well, I've observed that the presence of "college blocks" seem to be effective in solving the problem of loneliness, but sometimes, it's much better to socialize with other people too...Or maybe, am just to busy to socialize with anyone because i am too occupied. But at least, being an SA would solve that issue for me. Anyway, I think i am gonna sleep for now and continue this post later.. ^_^
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