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martes, noviembre 01, 2005


It has been a very long time since I last encountered the demon, Mailer-Daemon! Why? Usually, I got all my contacts with their Gmail accounts for convenience in e-mail sending which eliminates the "User over quota" problem. My team has been working on rebuilding/recompiling (with some customizations) OpenOffice for our university and for this reason, we had managed to set up a single thread on Gmail for our logs, suggestions, problems, and build/bug fixes. Maybe about 10-15 minutes ago, I had received a Delivery Status Notification (Failure) indicating "Technical details of permanent failure: TEMP_FAILURE: DNS Error: Timeout while contacting DNS servers" for the third time. What? After some inspections, I had realized that someone in the team added a non-Gmail address (specifically, UP Webmail) in the recipients list which I had only noticed after receiving the mailer-daemon multiple times. That made me check my account as well but unfortunately, I couldn't log-on to the webmail and couldn't even go to the main site of U.P..

Is U.P. DOWN ?


Blogger mac.n.tux said...

it was but not anymore

9:52 p. m.  

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