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sábado, octubre 22, 2005

CC: Chaos and Convenience

Chaos? Yes.. I had felt this yesterday before and after going to the school where I had experienced my high school life. Our task was yesterday was to install Linux in their internet cafe. I just can't believe that on my way to Philcoa, I was stuck in a traffic jam that had its head somewhere in Central Avenue and the tail somewhere in the Elliptical Road (No, It's a circle!). Rallyists were almost ubiquitous that we had encountered them creating the heavy traffic in the Elliptical Road. Anyway, enough of this chaotic stuffs first and I will tell you the convenience and customer satisfaction I my team had experienced yesterday.

Installing Ubuntu 5.10 requires only a single CD to run and we had 10 installers composed of 8CDRs and 2 CDRW (the 2 CDRs and 2CDRWs were mine - all placed in a Red Hat cd case). Imagine the convenience of installing the distro at the division or rate of 2-3 CDs per person that did not even took more than an hour to finish. Having the internet connection available, we had managed to get the necessary package updates via Synaptic or apt-get. Even the flash plugin was also included in the package list and the plugin worked like a breeze! One doesn't need to make symlinks or copy plugins in every browser. Everything just works! After the installation, I was amazed to see the senior high school students enjoying the default screensaver on Breezy Badger while listening to our Linux introduction tutorial.

All in all, we had deployed Ubuntu on 20 PCs in a matter of 3-5 hours, complete with the necessary configurations (an informal tutorial included). I had gone home with a friend and had experienced chaos and a feeling of rush hour from the trip. The vehicle that we had primarily taken even bumped another vehicle that made us took another jeepney. I remembered that it was Friday and I shouldn't have wondered why the feeling was like a rush.

As I sniff over the ubuntuforums, I was fascinated about this thread: Why is Ubuntu better than your previous distro?. You may also look at the image below that shows a poll where most of the shifters or converts were former Fedora users.

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