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jueves, octubre 13, 2005

And the fight goes on..

"For Ballmer, however, the typical corporation offers more than just innovative products. "Our brand means there is someone you can call if there is a problem, and some of these things don't come out of the non-paid volunteer format."

Well, if he's pertaining to customer support on communities, he's definitely very untrue. After all, Wind0ze isn't that user-friendly to me. One needs to adjust to it - by being friendlier to the system to be able to get over with the bugs and the old problems associated with the system. So where's customer satisfaction, on the OS or the games that run on this problematic OS? How about the price or cost of installation and maintenance?

And now, Grisoft predicts linux virus plague as a major threat to the linux community. But if there will be existing viruses/virii (on Linux or even Mac), I still don't know if those stuffs will really have a chance to inflict that massive damage as compared to the chaotic effects and hopeless problems on Wind0ze.

Yesterday, I just can't believe that I had spent a lot of time fixing numerous 'mushrooming' package dependencies on Mandriva. I really wish that it has good package managers that can simply download the stuffs in the Internet and easily autofix the dependencies just like in Ubuntu's APT-GET and Fedora's YUMex. Just imagine that I need to go to RPM search engines just to get the package required and the bad thing is that the problem is like a recursion. Oh well.. I hope that they had already solved that problem and if such an application exists that I didn't knew yet, Mandriva users, tell me, right here right now.
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