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domingo, octubre 02, 2005

Reality or Fantasy?

Finally, YSpeak returned to its informative state (unlike the past 2 episodes where I was confused if the show was really or is still endorsed by the DepEd) by talking about the controversial show, Pinoy Big Brother.

I almost ROFL upon hearing this statement from a 'resident psychologist': "...if you watch the show, huwag ka na lang magcriticize..." Yada-yada, so where's the point of critical thinking on the first place? The participants even said that they learned 'values' upon joining the 'reality' show...which only mean that they don't know those basic values yet before joining the show? Oh, for goodness sake! I really kinda liked the people composing the panel that is somewhat in the opposing side, just like how the newspaper columnist said that PBB was indeed meaningless and pointless to watch.

On the lighter side, the PBB song is great but the PBB show doesn't reflect its true meaning and reality after all. I would rather watch Final Fantasy Advent Child. Haha.
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