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sábado, septiembre 24, 2005

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

FUD? Nah.. the week has passed and I'm still confused on the tasks to do for next week. But at least, I don't have the trouble which the usual local Internet-rental shops have nowadays. Reading this article from INQ7.net, I noticed a humorous part which was: "Why have they not informed us of these raids? Do we need to get a new license of Microsoft Windows 98? We don't know what they require from us to comply. We heard that the BSA, with the OMB and NBI, has been conducting raids this week. They said that they are requiring shops to only buy from PC Express [a local PC distribution shop] and Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2," the Internet shop owner said." -> this was like.. "Duh, you should have known this (software ethics) beforehand especially when establishing such kind of business."
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