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lunes, octubre 10, 2005

Absolute and Relative Reality

There always comes a time where a clash of ideas end somewhere else or nowhere at all. Such a case is like the recent topic of YSpeak: Pinoy Big Brother. IMO, PBB is not educational at all. If it really is, I should expect that it will be fully endorsed by the Dept of Education. For goodness sake, their eyes should be enlightened as well as the definition of the term 'reality' should be established even before the start of argument throwing. There are many kinds of realities out there in the wild. They range from the absolute to the relative type but I might be wrong here, besides, everyone has always something to say. Absolute reality might be the case of them as humans and _not as robots_ deployed in the scene. If they are just mascots or dummies, then its sense of reality is gone for the actors aren't real at all. In the case of having reality reality, seeing them deployed in the _unreal environment_ it is not sufficient to say that it is already reality. For me, the reality would be the thing or situation that is hard to accept. For instance, the reality that people especially children, watch PBB instead of studying is very shocking to see in a world where technological development is faster than the natural or ideal development of a child's brain. The reality that most of the television viewers are children who easily believe everything that the TV shows tell them especially during noon-time. And for this reason, everyone tends to be a showbiz superstar than be a doctor. Besides, in the Philippines, anyone can run for elections even at the presidential level without having the necessary equips (such as the graduate degrees and educational background). Philippines is indeed the place where actors make rules and the politicians entertain. Do you want to watch an educational and reality TV? Watch the sessions of the Congress.
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