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domingo, octubre 16, 2005

Ubuntu 5.10

My old setup (FC3) was running great and was stable until I noticed some errors in one of my system logs - it reflected that i had some bad sectors on my HD. For this reason, I terribly needed to backup my bulk amount of disorganized files to CDRs and USB disks and got myself a new HD. Since I will be having a fresh install, the linux distro that comes into my mind (as a reserve) is Fedora Core 3 again and maybe another distribution, Ubuntu and/or SuSe. I didn't had the SuSe 10.0 OSS isos yet so I had started downloading them while chatting with some co-SAs. Unfortunately, I had already burned the CD1 after knowing from a friend that the OSS is incomplete. Since it is better to have a complete _new_ system and not an _evaluation_ version, Ubuntu is the key. Ubuntu 5.10 can already be downloaded since the official announcement of their release. People can request here for shipping.

Installation is easy for it takes only a single CD for the whole process (not 4 or 7 CDs). After setting the necessary configs, the stuff indeed was a desktop setup which is the default configuration. Everything just works, it was quite impressive for the devices such as USB HD and printers were automatically detected. I didn't even notice the shift because the usual stuffs that I do on Fedora Core 3 can also be done (obviously) on Ubuntu Breezy Badger. The thing that was cool (or hot) here was the enormous supply of repositories which enabled me to see more applications. Would you believe that it has an Avantgo utility for Palm? Knowing this, I had realized that even my Palm Vx was supported by Ubuntu! Finally, I had left Fedora (as well as Wind0ze) without even pain except for the moving or mirroring of my disorganized files again in my new organized set of folders. Fedora is good if a user doesn't have a good internet connection and if the packages are also in the 4/5CD installers. Ubuntu has the edge if a user has a constant internet connection.

Ubuntu is definitely a breeze. I had tried starting OpenOffice and it loaded in just 5-7 seconds. I had tried burning on k3b (kubuntu-install) and it had ended after only 5-7 minutes, complete with the verification thing. The CD covers were attractive as well. I can't wait to have my requested packages in hand! Go Breezy Badger!
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