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domingo, octubre 23, 2005

Film Production via Open Source

The recent episode on YSpeak talked about digital vs mainstream on Filipino movie production. There were 2 things that I have noticed in that episode: those who were in favor of digital as an alternative or main medium were still considered as part of the youth and the ones in favor of mainstream were already seniors. It has always been a conflict on change - old people didn't like it because they didn't know how to use it whereas the youth takes the opportunity as an advantage to be a master in an early age at a shorter timeframe. On the technical side (which was not so discussed in the episode, or maybe they didn't really bothered to), using digital medium in film production is cheaper in the long run. In fact, one can even start by just borrowing from a friend that has a digital videorecorder then start recording and earning from it (which one can already use to buy his/her own digital medium). But this is not the point, this is. Open Source Software is obviously cheaper than getting proprietary movie editing softwares such as Adobe's. In fact, Hollywood had already embraced OSS just like in the creation of the Last Samurai. Go Open!

But still, choosing over digital/mainstream as a medium is not the problem. The quality is still the main factor that distinguishes a film from another. How about if Filipino films have some trailers over the web just like this one? Will there be a difference?
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