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jueves, septiembre 29, 2005

Toxicity III

What to do.. what to do..
  1. Span 10-11: I need to review right from the start just like when learning a programming language. Sheesh.
  2. Pol Sci 14: My class has tons of reports to listen to, we don't know yet if we'll be exempted in the finals exam (how i really wish) and that will only be answered during the 3-4 day extensions (Yes, during the finals week! Ouch!)
  3. Nat Sci 1: I have just taken my 2nd exam and I hope that it had gone well.
  4. LIS 62: Projects and Finals! All due next week!
  5. LIS 160: Let's see.. I still don't know the results of my job. After all, it's my first time to lecture and deploy such a tutorial all by myself, including the installation and configuration of the environment. Unfortunately, some PCs (yes, it is dual booted with Wind0ze) get bonkers maybe at the rate of 1-2 machines every 2 weeks. Oh well.. if only the lab wasn't located in such a very high place..
Others? These are the stuffs due for the semestral break:
  1. Learn More Java Stuff!
  2. Continue building OpenOffice 1.9X (I hope that OOo shall have their stable version released by that time.)
  3. A plan to backup and make a fresh reinstall of my Fedora Core.
  4. Learn JSP and other related components.
  5. Continue being a technical support in the helpdesk.
  6. Watch a lot of TV series episodes.
  7. Get a life. (life == girlfriend?) Nope, just kidding! But who knows?
  8. break; /*Yes, I need a break.*/


Blogger cholle said...


girlfriend ba kamo?


12:35 a. m.  

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