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domingo, septiembre 18, 2005

Chikka on Gaim!

New discovery? I was only notified of its existence in my eBNC forum when a thread about Chikka on Linux was started. Javalite will still work but the port number can not be set. So Chix was suggested by one of our moderators. After a few readings of the manual and the normal ./config, make, and make install, i restarted my Gaim, and poof! The accounts settings had already included the Chix modules/libraries as a plugin! I had tested and it really worked. The feature that I'll be looking for in the future is the presence of PC to PC mode (and that's why the version is around 0.99-1.0). This one's really HOT! WD!


Anonymous Anónimo said...

di ko parin makita yung nawala na post.. -_-" malas..eheheh ehhehe.. pero meron akong hinala.. ehehe hehe

8:22 p. m.  
Blogger nightfox said...

Off topic! :P

8:46 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

weh.. kahit na.. :P

11:15 a. m.  

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