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domingo, noviembre 06, 2005


I tend to setup such environments during midnights of chatting, testing scripts, and reading articles, but 2 nights ago, I had that nerve to setup Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Ubuntu 5.10. Since I was an old RedHat user, I had this Fedora LAMP guide with me as reference and comparison. I had searched for some guides and had found the French Ubuntu Wiki and the official/English Ubuntu Wiki as great guides to the installation. Some search queries resulted to sites such as the ISP Server Setup and the Ubuntu Starter Guide. The only problem that I had encountered was for the choice of PHP version; I had chosen PHP5. After all the Synaptic stuff, I had only modified the apache2.conf to enable the UserDir part and had also set the mysqladmin password for MySQL. Afterwards, I copied and tested my improvised LAMP setup (the one that I had presented in one of my LAMP lectures in my college) and everything had worked well! Everything was really a breeze!
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