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sábado, septiembre 17, 2005

Y4IT Days

[root@Tifa:~] tail /var/log/y4it

At last, Y4IT ended today! The event was great for it was similar to the Sun Tech Day event where I had volunteered with the Dilnet SAs before. The venue was heavily jam-packed and both the participants and staffs were sort of mixed up due to the confusion or inconvenience that the rain has made. For me, it was very memorable because I considered it as a geek day and is unforgettable for some 'mysterious reason'. Obviously, it is unforgettable because I met a lot of friends and sort of increased my network. Just like the required time for the volunteers in the Sun Tech Day event, the Y4IT 2005 Congress needs staffs by 6am because the registration starts at 7am. I learned some potential tactics on lecturing although the gist of the topics are already in the event guide. It was great to be assigned (sort of) in the UP JEDI booth because it is the first booth at the entrance and it is where participants claim their prizes or drop their raffle tickets.

Hopefully, I will have my bag (and freebies!) on the party this coming Saturday.
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