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miércoles, septiembre 14, 2005

import *

From the Apple training, I learned some of the basics of AppleScript. Some sample codes include:
display dialog "OPTIONS:" buttons {"say", 2, 3}
set x to result
if button returned of x = "2" then
display dialog "you pushed 2!"
display dialog "not pushing 1"
end if

display dialog "key in text" buttons {"Cancel", "Say", "Display"} default answer ""
set x to result
if button returned of x = "Say" then
say text returned of x as string
display dialog text returned of x
end if

which are compiled and executed in the script editor. The script editor even includes a recorder of sessions and even writes/shows the codes as you move the window/s or browse menus throughout the desktop. Xcode was also introduced in the presentation. Some sample scripts are found here.

In my work as linux help support, I managed to fix almost everything except a bug in OpenOffice.org 2.0 on Mandriva. I had just assumed that the package is not yet upgraded atlhough I had not researched about it yet.
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