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domingo, julio 31, 2005

Weighing ChaCha and Impeachment

I was very entertained at the recent episode of YSpeak - it made me laugh so hard due to some sappy arguments from some panelists and even students from the interviews! Nah.. at times, I become too disappointed at what most students prioritize nowadays.. Well, as usual the 'judges' were still the same.. I wonder why they're not tired of seeing the same faces saying the same arguments again and again..

Funny how a congressman directly explained why CHA-CHA will really have a hard time passing the Senate since the senators wouldn't like it at all - their positions would be removed like magic. From what I had learnt from my pol sci class, in order to be successful, Filipinos should do one task and do it well (just like the linux way). The task is to follow the rules of the game, simply by being a morally disciplined law-abiding citizen.

Sometimes, it's more of an excuse to say that students of today are having a hard time finding jobs, blablabla. But in fact, there would always be a percentage of unemployment rate due to competition. Add to this was the competition among applicants based from the schools where they had graduated from. There were even applicants that had not graduated but were still accepted due to the skills they had built from experience. Think of this reality! Sometimes it's a combination of being street-smart and intelligent.

If one can't look for a job, one should make his or her own job and not depend on other people.. worst, blame officials for not releasing jobs.

If we do the first-things-first.. or FIFO with regards to such questions or cases in the Philippines regarding the so-called "Philippine debt", we must start from the time or regime of its existence. Unfortunately, most of time there was no really closure to any controversial issue in the Philippine society especially politics. Ninoy assassination was still not resolved, as well as other mysteries that had passed and had been forgotten already by most people.

When will people ever learn? What do you think?

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