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lunes, julio 18, 2005

Direct Hit

Last night I had watched another episode of YSpeak! and it talked about the views and issues on party politics and loyalty. Congressman Zubiri was great in explaining his arguments and even cited effective examples to support his ideas. He was arguing in the talks to the point that one of the persons on the opposite panel turned out to be very defensive. A hint on who 'she' is? She was once a department secretary but had just resigned recently along with other people. The show was like "Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan huwag magagalit..". And as usual, it's very common that such debates were inefficient due to irrelevant concepts being discussed and not getting to answer the real question of the topic. They should've defined the terms used first and foremost before discussing it thoroughly. Overall, the show was very fascinating for it reflected how some people were very firm on their stand such as Congressman Zubiri and others such as students, react and lay out their arguments about the issue.

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