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lunes, julio 25, 2005

If Only..

If only I can control and extend time..

If only I can create a "Punisher" that will punish criminals and liars in this kind of society..

It always pisses me off hearing pointless rallyists shouting out their voices without really knowing what they're talking about. The noise from the anti-GMA rallyists even reached the place of my workstation. Getting irritated as the noise grew larger, I still managed to sleep despite of the noisy environment that was approximately 50-100 meters away from my bedroom. Would you believe that even my pet was so irritated to the clamor on Commonwealth Avenue? Have a look at my shot at about 1pm in the afternoon after my dog had her lunch:

This was like cruelty to animals! Just look at her ears and tail and you'll see the effect of the pointless noise. Tsk tsk.. From the news, the videos also show how violent the people were in the Anti-GMA rally. There was someone who threw a stone and unfortunately hit some of the people in the opposite side of the fence. Even the fences were moved by those not-so-disciplined rallyists! Tsk tsk.. If they could only see how an Anti-GMA showbiz actor was peacefully accepted by the Pro-GMA group as compared to what they're doing to the police guards.

At last, PGMA's SONA was delivered at about 4pm. The news reports say that there was PGMA's SONA, 'TSONA' from Ping Lacson, and even 'SOBA'. I just couldn't believe how the 2 latter terms came into existence. Those terms sounded like being conceptualized from streets or "salitang kalye".

After the SONA, there were interviews of politicians on the Congress and also from the opposition's side, most of which were very pathetic. Some of the reactions in the oppositions side were too personal or they were already in "Personalan" mode. Add to that the 'showbiz-tic' comments even from the politcians themselves! I also heard someone (outside my house) shouted "Tulungan niyo ako dito, mga walang hiya kayo!", and I guess that piece by piece, their (the antiGMA group) supporters were already leaving their stands or posts. Too bad, that's what they get for chasing the wind (Har har).

Perhaps, students especially scholars will already be enlightened on the reality of the Philippines' political, economic, social, and moral status. Everyone should not just accept the words of politicians but should also criticize it if it's a derivative of personal interest. The issue is that a group or groups of people can't easily represent a big class especially those in the student's sector. Most of the time, the problem is bad representation of classes especially the term 'mass/masses'. They always say that they're the masses but from what I had learnt from my political science classes, the mass is the most intelligent class of the nation and they don't just pick a side right away. At times, the mass is always on the same side as the Church. We can see this fact from history - Edsa I.

No one is perfect. It sucks to hear politicians judge other people before judging themselves first or examine their consciences.

Oh well..

If only I can turn back the hands of time..


Anonymous Anónimo said...

ei ano yung dog niyo? girl or guy? eh... wala lang parang mabait :D

3:37 p. m.  

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