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viernes, julio 08, 2005

One More GIF?

"Grant me serenity, within... For the confusions around are mere reflections of...What's within, what's within me?" - This was the most peaceful statement I had ever read after the past chaotic and confusion-inducing days of political turmoil and decay.

What I still don't get was how people were still patient after numerous problems with their Wind0ze machines. After watching the Revolution OS, and having read some of Eric Raymond's articles, I was so enlightened on the real power of Free and Open Source and its origins when technology was young. Fixing stuffs on FOSS is a lot easier than troubleshooting proprietary ones where the usual solution is to contact the company that owns that specific software. I believe that viruses (or virii), spywares, trojans, and all of the stuffs that can be conceptualized as far as security is concerned will not stop especially the world's target OS: Wind0ze. Last week, I had heard a problem on Wind0ze 95: Dancing Icons! A virus/worm problem that makes the user to chase the icons with the mouse cursor in which the icons seem to avoid the mouse cursor on clicking them. I wonder if there's a script that does this 'feature' on Linux desktops.

I was also enlightened by Eric Raymond's articles about forums especially M$ bashing, HOWTOs on Asking Questions, and the Hacker concept. The funny thing was I have this forum wherein this forumer's objective or goal was to irritate me by posting off-topic and flame-inducing statements especially negative craps on Linux. Beware! (May his Wind0ze PC be blessed with children and grandchildren of viruses and multiply like gremlins!) He/She might have the time to irritate me but I don't have the time to reply to such pointless posts or bunch of bulls*. (Screenshots at the end of this post)

There was this new feature of Yahoo!, PhotoMail.. but I don't think it is "yahoo!" for me. LOL. Wanna know why? Look at the screenshots below. Beside it is a screenshot of an article with a very ironic ad. Tsk tsk.

On the "bright side?", this week was the most toxic one I had ever encountered since the start of classes. Even though it was sort of a hassle sleepless week, I had even found time to watch some series of videos such as Point Pleasant episodes 10 to 11, and such episodes remind me of Revelations, a related TV series too in which I don't know or have no idea yet on when their next episode is going to be released. Some situations in Point Pleasant is like the relationship between Buffy and Angel in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

I had just discovered a weird thing in one of my classes after several sessions or meetings.. Why? My prof seemed like she can read the stuff that's going on with my mind and I noticed it because she always calls me to recite in class.. Or were those just plain coincidences? I don't think so.. The thing is she somewhat knows what my heart desires. *insert exaggeration here*

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