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sábado, junio 25, 2005

Five or Six Days Earlier..

At last, I had finished watching mr & mrs smith 5 or 6 hours earlier. Well, it was a good movie although some scenes in it didn't looked realistic.

Five or six days earlier:

I had tried commuting by riding jeeps and buses. Unfortunately, I was subjected to the rain as I felt the water entering my shoes. I haven't even taken my lunch at that time and dinner was late already because that was about 7:30 to 8 in the evening.

I had also tried installing Fedora Core 4 on a PC on our lab in ILIS and was surprised to see my 4 cd installers passed the media check compared to my experiences with my fedora core 3 installers. In my installation, I had included the required packages for my lecture presentation but I hadn't tested the system yet.. not even the Apache server or PHP config. Why? I haven't even completed the setup of the LAMP system on my machine yet - i'm still stucked at the MySQL part. After shifting from source packages to RPM packages (after upgrading from Red Hat 9 to Fedora Core 3 last December 2004), there were some changes regarding the configurations that I need to review and test first. Working with source packages enables you to customize everything, but the problem I had with that method is configuring it for multiple PCs, the time in compiling the system, and to make the services (such as httpd) to be system wide. RPM-based installation only gave me problems regarding the linking of configs, clients, as opposed to the earlier method that I had tried and tested (both on Mandrake 9 and Red Hat 9). So far, in my machine I had successfully made PHP to work with my server but had not tried synchronizing it with MySQL or PostgreSQL due to lack of time. PostgreSQL was somehow easy as compared to MySQL, but it will still take time for me to learn the real advantages and disadvantages of such languages. Eventually, I would have finished this LAMP thing before the end of July and will install it in the PCs of my lab while my classmates present their reports.

For the meantime, I still have pending projects that needs building and rebuilding; I'm still in the process of figuring out how easy or difficult those FOSS related projects were. I wish that I can easily locate my set of stable packages for my LAMP config and others as well because I'm still having a hard time locating the right set of stable codes and even the dates will not help at all. It's just that I had only learned or do in practice creating versions in the form of betas, v0.9X, etc., after doing some Machine Problems in my CS12. I had even folders in my MPs named unstable and some were even appended with "nightly builds".

Well, the stuff that I have been working on is reducing my long list of bookmarks, but I had noticed something:

It's Too Late XP Baby

(Sung to the tune of "It's Too Late, Baby")

Stayed at the desk all morning just to pass the time
There's something wrong here
There can be no denying
One of us is not changing
and I have just stopped wondering when you will
And it's too late my XP baby, now it's too late
Though I really did try to keep you safe
Something inside has died and I can't hide
And I just can't fake it
It used to be so easy computing here with you
You were light and breezy

And I knew just what to do
Now you look so bloated
And I feel like a noob
And it's too late my XP computer, now it's too late
Though I really did try to make it
Something inside has died
and I can't hide it
And I just can't fake it
There'll be good times now for me and Linux
But I just can't stay with you
Don't you compute it too
Still I'm glad for what I had
And how I once installed you
And it's too late my XP baby, now it's too late
Though I really did try to keep you uninfected
Something inside has died and
I can't hide it I just can't fake it
Don't you know that I...
I just can't fake it
Oh it's too late XP baby
Too late my XP baby
You know
It's too late my XP baby.
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