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domingo, julio 24, 2005

Showbiz Politics

I had just watched another episode of YSpeak but was somehow disappointed because it was also the worst I had watched so far with regards to the series. The theme was about the coming SONA and as usual the panel was filled with politicians some of which are biasez, showbiz people, and students. It was sort of a very entertaining episode (insert sarcasm and exaggeration here): John Lapuz was there impersonating Kris Anino, and even Imee Marcos was there too! I just couldn't believe that right on target, she had faced some issues and controversies regarding her family's political dynasty in the government which were attempted to put on the light by some YSpeakers. From history, we know that it was the time of former presidebt FM that the Philippine debt came to existence. Master Hypocrites!

Honestly, I was also disappointed on students that joined the rallies against the government even though they themselves were heavily aided thru government-subsidized tuition fees. The noisy 'oppositions' just kept on shouting here and there. They even say that the administration is faulty, corrupt, blablabla.. But in reality, they're still part of the 'administration'! Oh c'mon.. Are their allegations directed against them as well?

Good thing there was this UP Law student that is a positive thinker as compared to those other student panelists that have ideas not even supported by facts. Another representative had also recited some improvements in macroeconomic terms. As far as I can remember from my Economics class, my country's facing a microeconomic problem.

It isn't right also to have some biased 'judges' in a debate at the very first place. In this episode, there was an instance of this problem. Tsk tsk. Oh well.

As I'm writing this blog entry, I'm also watching Veronica Guerin on Star Movies. It is a true story about a journalist who was brave enough to expose crimes through writing but she ended up being assassinated. Her assassination has a multiplier effect - it triggerred the end of drug trafficking, etc.. I just wonder if there's still an honest journalist out there in my country, craving to expose the truth and not being bought by underground criminals or even politicians.

Well, don't wonder anymore if this becomes my last post. Harhar. After Veronica Guerin's death, there were about 196 and more journalists worldwide that had been killed due to the same cause. Shucks.. Hmm..
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