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sábado, julio 23, 2005

One Last Teenage Year of the Inspired

At last, I just had my birthday celebration (by food obviously) 2 to 3 hours ago. And today would be the start of my final year of being a teenager. It's time to start being serious (maybe) on my part, although some people really think that I'm serious most of the time. Comparing these days to last year's, there was nothing new although in a political sense, these months were very chaotic and confusion-inducing. In 2 days, Pres. GMA will deliver her SONA (as usual there are no classes on that day). Academic life is still the same: lots of sleepless endless nights while being a student assistant (finally). Good thing I had ended my INC before the deadliest deadline. I can say now that I had developed and learned - by being more sociable to people, that was also enhanced by the nature of my work on being a helpdesk assistant. I had also joined orgs like UnPLUG and UP ACM but I don't have any college-based org. It's just that I couldn't pick any of the choices of orgs (or if i'm fit enough to the group). Is love life still a big issue to consider? I'll rather think about it first..

*listening to Himig Heswita's - Your Dwelling Place: Songs For Healing album*
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