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domingo, julio 03, 2005

Rants and more Ramblings!

At this time, I was so very fascinated and some sort of shocked after the turn of events that had happened just last week. President GMA admitted that she really had a conversation with a COMELEC official but never mentioned its name. She also denied that she had influenced the results of the election. From my opinion, the only mistake that she had done in her speech was the failure to pick the original 'wiretap derivative' or product copy from the fake or modified versions. Funny thing was I had heard this breaking news before making my reaction paper for the Marcos Regime to be submitted on the next day (which was Tuesday morning) and it had really affected the stuff that I was about to make earlier before GMA's speech. What's even funnier and some sort of irritating was to hear the comments and reactions that had followed GMA's speech from the news programs on TV. (I always watch 24 Oras if time permits.) I wouldn't want to hear an argument just like Lacson's.. Why? He concluded that "since GMA had admitted that she had a conversation blablabla, she had also admitted that she was also a factor in cheating in the elections." Very lame indeed. But earlier, some students already consider that GMA should resign without knowing who will replace her position if in case GMA resigned due to personal jugdment or due to people's reaction towards her. Who knows? Even I cannot tell if she had cheated in the elections. The wiretap derivative is not a valid evidence for me.. Why? Hours ago, I have just knew that the officials or those people handling the wiretap case refuse to let the whole wiretap conversation to be played to that forum or to the public. Why wouldn't they do that? Maybe they're also included in the original and complete taped coversation? Good thing I had not downloaded any derivatives of that wiretap conversation even though I had heard some of its modified versions through ringtones and even some versions with remixed dance numbers. Thus, having that copy of the modified wiretap derivative is really NONSENSE. It isn't sufficient to release only the edited/cropped product to the public. Who would also know that the other candidates or political persons did/didn't called the COMELEC? Even the opposition was also divided regarding their preferences on the person that will replace GMA if in case GMA steps down peacefully (personal judgment) or by bruteforce of the opposition. It seemed so interesting yet to irritating to hear again the ideas just like the ones regarding ERAP to be brought back as the president. GMA might have answered part of the questions of the people, but to me, it had also created a flame of numerous mystery, questions, and wonders. Why would some of the Arroyos leave the Philippines? Everything is still in chaos, but there is still hope and we must not lose it.

For the meantime.. I had already the time to watch Batman Begins and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The great thing about H2G2 was.. to me.. there seems to be a similarity between Vogons and the officials in the Philippine government.

Well, nothing new in the Philippines.. where was BF when he was needed? Is it because that he was very affected by the turn of political events? I just couldn't figure out why the problem of traffic is still there (in the Commonwealth-Philcoa road). There was no development indeed, but only a waste of money and time.. (isn't it redundant to say this? time = money) The fare had increased - the UP TOKI/IKOT P 5.00 turned into 6.50. I had only knew this after seeing a passenger paying a 5 peso coin with additional 1 peso and 2 pieces of 25 centavos. After seeing that event, I noticed the fare matrix sticked at the back of the driver's seat and found the announcement regarding the fare increase. Oh well..

One of the most important things to do (according also to the priest in YSpeak) is to pray for peace and stability even though this was sometimes ridiculed or laughed upon by Filipinos, most of which were in the opposition. Tsk tsk. Filipinos must unite one another and to not think of their selfish motives. Not only should we treat the situation as political but treat it also as a moral issue/problem/situation/challenge. This line should also be thrown to them: "Let the one who is STONE, cast the first SIN".. It might be funny (since Filipinos used to make jokes just like the present or newly-released jokes on GMA and elections) but the real connotation of this line from the Bible will/shall have a very deep impact to everyone's hearts and consciences. We could not just judge everybody according to our terms and standards. I had already posted on some Filipino forums especially the real Biblical line, and would you believe what he/she had just said? "..people are using the bible to hide their sins just to stick to power. bring her to me w/o the PSG and i'll be the first one to cast not only one stone..".. I was blown by the wind.. or felt like chasing it. Har-har.

Woot.. I just can't wait how this week's gonna pass.


Blogger infobuilder said...

If these are just rants and ramblings, I'd like to hear of what you have to say. In some of my discussions in some groups, I have heard one mention about this political situation being good for the country in way of GMA making the decisions that are for the good of the people and in the process irritating the opposition since they want GMA isolated and weak but instead finds her making moral and correct decisions. In effect, the opposition finds fault more and GMA makes more right decisions. In the end, GMA becomes more focused in solving the problems of the country at their root causes. This is what I think, the purpose of the opposition and how democracy should work... that is without actually having GMA stepping down because it would cause more instability.

In other news, traffic is worse because BF no longer controls the traffic conditions but rather the city mayors. You can call it politics as the mayors withdrew support for BF because he is doing the right thing and thus the city mayors are losing in their end of political importance... Self serving politicians, as usual. In the end, it is us daily communters who end up with all the traffic.


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