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jueves, julio 14, 2005

War of the Worlds

I'm just too tired of hearing those Ayala rallyists.. Listening to them was like watching a noon-time TV show, but most of the time it was like chasing the wind. I just can't imagine what will happen to the Philippines if a disaster or something like the tragedy in the War of the Worlds would occur. We will clearly see the ultimate power and judgment of the leaders of the elites group and might even see them collaborating just for the heck of saving their Mother country although they have conflicts with one another. Plastics! And now, ladies and gentlemen, lo and behold! The Ayala opposition's Best Actress Award goes to... Susan Roces! (applause)...Best Actor Award goes to... (it's a tie! isn't it?) FPJ, Tatad, Lacson... oh well. And now, the Best Supporting Actor and Actress awards goes to.. supporters of Susan Roces! (shouting "Kay Susan Tayo!")... Yadda..yadda. It's a shame to see educated politicians let or appoint someone who is not legitimate enough to lead their group.. The worst thing was.. hell, i didn't even know from what university that proposed leader graduated. Need I say more? The opposition wasn't even really united. Nah..nah.. Enough of this politics.. at times, it is like chasing the wind.

In spite of the political issues, I had already made some stuffs to work. I had tested Open Kiosk although the only thing I didn't like about it was its requirement of a KDE environment. I would rather XFCE or Fluxbox than a KDE environment. Well, anyway... the code is hackable.. *grin*
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