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domingo, junio 19, 2005

Crazy Little Girl?

12 hours ago, I was very fascinated in seeing a strange young girl about 2-4 years of age that had walked towards us minutes before the mass and sort of chatted or played with my 2 nieces in a very friendly manner.. It's just that.. well.. it might be the first time I had seen such a situation?

Anyway, after some trials and STFW, i managed to get xmame to work on my Fedora Core 3 by getting only xmame and xmame-roms on the Yum DAG repository, after seeing some ROMS that had worked on Stuffinator's machine. I had proven to myself that switching to debian based distros was not yet crucial. I could still handle it.

Some screenshots from my so-called 'experiment':

Image hosted by PicsPlace.to Image hosted by PicsPlace.to Image hosted by PicsPlace.to

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