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miércoles, junio 15, 2005

Chaos and Peace: Reunited?

Well, Fedora Core 4 (Stentz) was finally released yesterday sometime between 12mn to 1am Philippine Time. As I had seen it, I tried every FTP mirror to see which is fastest to me - that ended me in choosing a Japan mirror. I was downloading the DVD iso by using proz on a terminal and the speed was like 2GB in 2 hours! Unfortunately, the files were messed up and i had known that after getting its md5sum hours after finishing the download: it doesn't match the string on the ftp site. But that's okay since I don't have plans yet of doing a rush upgrade except maybe in the coming semestral break (to avoid jumbling my disorganized stuffs). I can't afford the time to upgrade since I had also a lot of projects to do and I don't wanna lose the LAMP system I was still trying to test. My files were like in chaos but they're living peacefully without the existence or threats of Wind0ze-related problems.

Another chaotic thing was traffic. Where? Everywhere! It was sometime about 730-800 in the morning and the road was so overcrowded. The roads leading northward such as Tandang Sora and even the shortcuts to Katipunan. From my experiences in taking a trip to Manila, there was no development in the time spent for travel. So where are the MMDAs when they're needed? Regarding the laws about the prohibition of "sabit" in jeepneys, i was so irritated about an MMDA officer arguing that people who do it in jeepneys should not treat tardiness as an excuse to attach themselves at the tail of vehicles. For me, the thing was practical.. if i knew, those officers who had those views were the ones used in being late or doing the so-called Filipino time, and i kinda hated it. It just doesn't make sense to me at all. It's like.. throwing the same question to them if they're the ones rushing for their jobs. There was traffic most of the time.. why? Late response from MMDAs, a very lame excuse indeed. Well, I would rather forget this issue for there are more important things to consider such as "WETENG" and "WAYRTAP". WA WENTA na talaga.

But the thing that I'm happy of is finishing a hard task not because it was really hard but because it was hard to go to that task.

Case closed.

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