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jueves, diciembre 02, 2004

Surviving Christmas

I'd just finished watching Surviving Christmas 2 nights ago...It was really awesome..very touching indeed..Ben Affleck was funny although he looked pathetic in his roles.. well.. there are still 23 days left before christmas..barely 2 weeks before christmas vacation..2 weeks left to be patient for the preparations of the yuletide season..I wanna experience what had happened in the movie.. sheesh.. i still haven't recovered yet from this tired eye muscles.. oh well.. it was really a good thing that classes were suspended..'coz i really can't take it anymore..it may seem easy to read iliad and the odyssey but not if you need to practice for calculus at the same time having majors where everything seem so irrelevant..or memorizing codes blabla.. trying to find time for a certification exam.. this is really toxic.. but from what i feel.. i still enjoy it rather than having to be exhausted because of the tiresome heavy traffic and stress that I felt a year ago. I still have a back pain.. tired eyes.. no money, very chaotic room... messed PC programs.. no time for backup or even an upgrade.. gheesh.. sigh. I wish that someone or somebody could help me understand the way it is.. OR maybe it's just the effect of not having a girlfriend?? No.. No.. Studies first. Inspirations are enough to motivate me.. Bye! ^_^
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