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viernes, noviembre 05, 2004

What a day! Sun Tech Days!

The week was a blast, I wish that i have been included in the final 21 of the 45 volunteers that helped in the success of the conference. It was really great although it was hard to entertain the delegates as well as to assist them in their needs. Not only a line marshall but i was also called in most of the assigned places with their corresponding roles (registration/kit-giving/and even being an usher!) Although it was somehow chaotic, I think that the delegates were satisfied in the whole conference because of the talks, food, and especially the freebies! I wished that i get to have a USB mouse from the rewards section but it was so limited and i think there were only 100+ in their stocks. The speakers were good in their sessions. There was a time that i heard delegates murmuring in choosing which track to take ('coz there were 2-3 tracks available), and he said that "im choosing between these two tracks, namimili ako, something relevant to my career and projects OR beauty and personality coz the speaker in the 2nd track was cute (the camera alwayz focuses on her face) so i didnt wonder anymore. :D Sigh, i wish i should have finished her talks about j2me.. oh well, maybe i better look forward for the next sun conference next year. ^_^ I got 2 stress balls! , and a non-functional ballpen from oracle..a really weird one. Well, it was fun to be with everyone making new friends, meeting lotsa different people from the different parts of asia (because it was a GLOBAL conference), and the important thing was learning or gaining knowledge. Technology is almost ubiquitous, just like what was said in the commercial presented at the start of the conference, "Java is everywhere." Anyway, toxicity wouldn't be over not until maybe the start of christmas vacation. :D I wish that i would do great in the subjects that i waz enlisted in. And to get rid of this stupid INC as well. Maybe this is all for now. I have a really great week! Fabulous and Fantastic!
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