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sábado, noviembre 20, 2004


It was almost a week or two before I finally had the time to post. The past 2 weeks were very intoxicating. It's really hard to wait for nothing just like waiting for professors to come during the 1st days of the classes. Everything was working fine, usual things have had happened. Math is becoming very hard not only of having to bring back the skills last summer, but also having a terrible prof. I guess everything really lies to me. Competition is somehow in a slow pace and it's like that i can't really notice the real competition except to myself. The season is getting cold; more rain pours from heaven. Maybe this is the reason why i've catched colds and it really kinda suck. Toxicity is increasing to the limit of the end of classes before the christmas season (at last). Machine exercises will be given next week, math homeworks worth 50-60+ points were also due next week, reporting is set on tuesday.. oh my, goodness gracious.. LIS 61's somehow very interesting although i really dont like makin those stuffz.. Well.. if and only if..
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