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lunes, septiembre 05, 2005


Finally, I managed to get back my bugged 512 MB RAM and it is now in the state of testing/observation mode. From XFCE I returned again to my usual theme which is Gnome with MAC OS X interfaces.

[root@Morpheus:~] ps -ax | grep -i entertainment > Lower House

At this time, I'm wondering if Rep. Cayetano used Wind0ze in his presentation and if it's licensed/legal as well. I got strucked by one of its flashes: "Kung naayos na ang butu-buto, bakit pa tumawag kay Garci?" I would really like to ask the same question to him and see his reaction about it. The question seems to be contradicting itself. (Isuntok na lang niya ito sa buwan)

Another thing, how could a letter be simply authenticated and be used as an evidence? It is actually one of the easiest ways to create false truths. I just can't help but drink a glass of water after laughing for minutes although being pissed too simultaneously. There was also an issue that was pointed out - the Senate is already unfair if it would be considered as a judicial body.

Panic? Yes! Mr. Paras was like having tantrums, screaming "Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker, MR. SPEAKER (shouting), Why don't you recognize me?!?!" For goodness sake, there might be some people that increased their blood pressure in the process.

Well, the people might be afraid of what the President could do because of her power as the chief of the army, but I'm more afraid of people that I do not know and just interfere with other people's lives, and destroy it for no reason at all.

And lastly, for the funniest part: "Chug, chug chug chug chug.." Guess who? Secret.
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