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sábado, agosto 06, 2005

System Recovery

Finally, the week's over after a chain of massive resource-hungry tasks. I had achieved a body system recovery by sleeping at 9pm last night and waking up at 7am for a change. Power-naps were indeed helpful too at times. Recovery is indeed very important to regain a system's power. Last week was the crucial one.. Wanna know why? Here it is:

1.) After submitting my blogposts (the 2 previous posts), I deleted the file containing the copy of my text by "rm Untitled\ 1" since it's just a temporary container, and I'm more inclined to using consoles. Since my text editor makes a backup file appended with '~', I had mistakenly assumed that by doing "rm Untitled\ *" will also catch that file. I had realized my mistake when the konsole reflected "rm: cannot remove directory `folder_name/': Is a directory" where folder_name are the names of the folders in that location. For short, i had deleted all of the non-folder stuffs in that location which includes scripts, bloggable texts, backups, configs, pics, etc. Good thing I had already categorized some files. I had STFW, but the usual returns were for ext2 formats, some requiring to unmount the partition, and so on. Those were like recovery by bruteforce. So I tried consulting my fedora community and in less than 4 hours, I had received immediately the support I was looking for although I still didn't do the concrete ways they had defined due to lack of time and for the month of August is a midsem - projects, term papers, etc. where released consecutively. At least, I know now what to do and NOT to do next time. I will move files first to Trash and modify the aliases defined at my terminal. It's just that I really hate doing stuffs with guis - it is mostly a waste of time.

2.) I have a problem regarding the receiving of my Ubuntu packages. I had the packages addressed at the building of my institute/college but unfortunately, it was delivered to the wrong floor (basement) of UP Diliman Main Library. Actually, I had indicated the floor (3rd floor) correctly at the address form, but the problem is since the ones who had received the notice/package didn't knew what to do, they had it returned to sender. They didn't even consulted the other offices of the building. I had just knew this after making a library request from the media services and the person that attended my request was surprised after seeing my name on the library request slip I made. Somehow I was glad I had a friend with me who insisted that my name should be placed at the slip instead of her name. *wink*

I asked them to know what post office they had it returned to. I had gone to it as well but the personnels at the UP - Post Office said that they weren't the ones handling it. Argh. Thus, I tried sending an email to the Ubuntu info list and was glad to receive 24 hours later, a message saying that they will resend another package to me. Now this is what you call effective customer service/support! Tell that to M________ !~

3.) I didn't have Span 10 for the last 2 days since my prof was an instructor for the UPCAT examination - more time for projects and papers and sleep?.

4.) PolSci 14 term paper deadline was re-extended, and I finally had my schedule of my report after the Quezon City day. The week of the KSS P^3 ACM-UnPLUG event which will talk about Python/Perl/PHP or for short - a FREE FOR ALL tutorial.

5.) I had assisted some employees in shifting or making a copy of their files to Fedoras instead of Wind0ze, at the same time advocating and enlightening them to the advantages of Free and Open Source Softwares. One even asked about the bootup time since it was irritating for her to wait for the Wind0ze 9X to bootup completely, so I told her that with Linux, you can do anything, anything at all (the only limit is yourself) - even reducing the bootup process of Fedora to 25 seconds. Obviously I told her that it requires some skills in tinkering with the kernel.

So.. need I say more? I need some fsck!
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