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viernes, agosto 12, 2005

Kernel Panic!

How surprising to see the "oppositions" in the government still hold their positions under PGMA's administration. It was very ironic. I was even devastated when the host asked a question somehow in this form: "How come one so powerful become a victim?" Nah.. Obviously, anyone can be a victim even of oneself. Typical panelists on common debates - being off-topic (OT). The interesting stuff on that episode was how the side of the oppositions protect their political dynasties. And lastly, I hate bad comparison and representation, again and again..

[root@Morpheus:~] tail /var/log/messages

Kernel Panic? Nah.. Yesterday morning's situation kinda disturbed me. Why? While I was browsing via Opera, I was surprised to see that my system crashed! Obviously, after rebooting, I still managed to get back and look into the logs to find the thing. But after some time, it crashed again! Nah.. Obviously it's not a Wind0ze problem because it's not M$. And for that reason, I will never ever say what Wind0ze users used to declare that if such a situation happens, there might be an antivirus, blablabla, and a never ending chain of issues.

A reboot again, and I had still come up to the point of checking filesystem and it generated a kernel panic error. Weird though because I hadn't messed or compiled kernel sources yet or something. So I rebooted again, and there I was, staring at a blank screen with my CPU starting to run and even continued without beeping. The red led starts to blink at first but turns off afterwards.

Now what do you think is the problem. No, it's not a Wind0ze problem (for the second time). After coming back from school/work, I finally managed resolving the hardware thing - a 512 RAM. *sigh* Despite of having the remaining memory, I still wanted to have the speed I used to work with before...or maybe the same as the one used at "Apple Technology and Education" at the UP Diliman - School of Economics, which was yesterday in the afternoon (I had also attended the ICT Roadshow last Wednesday). The Apple Seminar was really fantastic and it showed almost every aspect of Apple in it. It was great that most of us, including my SA friends were convinced to get one. If I will be buying a new machine, I would rather get a MAC than a PC. But if I already have an existing desktop/laptop, it's better to have Linux running on it.

If I was convinced to get MAC, I was able to convinced (yesterday too) a friend that I hadn't seen or contacted for months already that Linux is powerful enough for her not-so-strong machine. She was wondering why her PCs busted (running on Wind0ze 98) and for that reason, someone recommended to her a PC repairman (it was really a 'PC' repairman). The repairman told or advised her to reformat the system because it was hopeless (as usual). But since she was somehow familiar with the advantages of Linux, she asked the repairman if it's better to install it. Wanna know what the repairman said? He told her that the system can't support it since it needs a Mac motherboard/hardware. Whoah! He was definitely a 'PC' repairman. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now I hope she will be getting her own copy of Linux by going to our helpdesk.
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