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jueves, junio 02, 2005

The Last Man in UPM

Finally, satisfying results were already released beginning Monday. I passed Math even though I really felt effortless in that subject: too lazy to wake up and remain focused to the teacher, almost running out of time for practice, and not even completing homeworks. Well.. i was amazed that I had never taken a Math subject more than once yet... and obviously, saying that I'm only an information specialist that was somehow out of place in that section. Why? Because I'm the only one from my college taking that subject... being handicapped for I had none in my college that can accompany me regarding that subject. Self-study indeed is very effective nowadays.

Also, the Last Man had also accomplished his task of negotiating the problem in UPM. It was really hassle going to argue here and there about the topic. At times, I really could not accept that somehow she believes that college freshies could not write well on their chosen topic just because they're still a freshman. But how would that apply to my current university? I prefer going to classes that are mixed - a larger variety of ideas from different kinds of people: a larger knowledge base as well. The Last Man indeed was full of hope as he walked towards the targeted room and was some sort of happy or contented as he left the vicinity.

Anyway.. I had also tried beautifying my desktop with gDesklets:

Image hosted by PicsPlace.to

and by running a MAC OS X-like theme. I had another wallpaper featuring Star Wars:

Image hosted by PicsPlace.to

and the craziest thing to do - to have 2 Linux distributions (PHLAK on FC3) running simultaneously:

Image hosted by PicsPlace.to Image hosted by PicsPlace.to Image hosted by PicsPlace.to

Am I crazy? nerdy? geeky? I'm lucky!


Anonymous Clair said...

I want to get a copy of PHLAK. Curious ako eh.

3:12 p. m.  

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