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domingo, mayo 01, 2005


Finally, I had reinstalled my LAMP environment again.. how? I had removed everything by using the YUM Extender. Synaptic kept on saying i had some packages with different versions installed on my system. So the last step that I had not yet accomplished was to configure my MySQL environment.. Very clueless since i started from PostgreSQL and I had to be oriented again to the PHP-MySQL conventions for the forms and queries as well. I was supposed to explore OpenOffice 2.0 Beta during the summer vacation, but obviously there were lotsa change of plans.

I had successfully changed my desktop themes by using Mac OS X theme taken from the gnome-look.org site. It seemed that it needed enhancements but I still had managed most of its configurations especially the icons. I had also experimented QEMU, an emulator where you can boot some ISOs - a good way or cheap alternative to boot and test LiveCDs before writing them to CDRs.

For now.. well.. i'm still fixing/eliminating my long list of archived articles in Firefox. Oh well.
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