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lunes, abril 18, 2005

Talked about shitty firsts..

Hmm, pano ko nga ba sisimulan 'to,...

Well, I had a 7 am class in Math 55 that I had rushed to by simple walking since there were no TOKI jeeps roaming the campus some time between 6 to 6:45 in the morning AFAIK. There was nothing new with the scenery - from bored students waiting for their profs and friends by the start of the class to active students hardly waiting for profs to accept them through prerogs. The grading was somewhat cool.. why? the passing is based on the highest score in the class. Passing homeworks were not required too.. (I really hated assignments during summer). The first session was a good one, my prof had refreshed our memories and I could say that he's a lot better than my previous prof in Math 54 for now (obviously). After some short lectures, he dismissed the class sometime about 3-5 minutes before 9am, which was also the start of my Bio 1 class. The thing was.. I was late for the class since there was no faster way to get to that building except by walking for TOKI jeeps were not readily available compared to normal semesters.. Upon entering the room, obviously it was somehow filled already... Not knowing where to sit since I was a newcomer, I preferred to be sitted on the front row on the left side for that row was available and also AFAIK I heard the prof announced that for those students who had no class cards yet, they should sit in front row on the right side. But knowing that the left side was not taken yet and there was no available seat behind the front row of seats on the right side, I had chosen the left side. As I had sit on a chair on that row, the prof began asking me.. "are you a cardinal?".. I was shocked to hear that question.. why? It's like.. why ask that question? Some problem of language game? Then he asked again.. "do you know what a cardinal is?" I recalled that the term 'cardinal' was a term in the conclave or vatican stuff..it was also a term in mathematics..and a term or a name for a species of a bird. So.. what's the big deal? (I asked myself or I should've asked this one to that prof) The prof even wrote 'cardinal' on the board thinking that I really didn't know that word.. Well, obviously he was definitely wrong! After that, he told me to sit somewhere else.. tsk tsk.. That prof was somewhat having an OC behavior..

After recovering from that sucky first session in Bio through a lunch, I had gone to UPCC to continue being an SA volunteer.. I had even made a tech in which the problem was Out of Bounds for the problem or issue was about fibres and backbones in which I and my friend had no idea.. We then resulted to communicating with the office's technician and managed resolve it by instructing him to contact the UPCC if the problem persists.. Arriving at the DILNET headquarters, we knew that the problem was fixed maybe during the time of walking we had upon returning.. It was great indeed.

...and that's why I love and hate Firsts..

Vengeance is near.. [grin]


Anonymous Anónimo said...

paghhiganti? hmm.. ayan ba yung sa evaluation? heh hehe hehe... wait meron bang evaluation kapag summer??? -_-"

9:48 p. m.  

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