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martes, mayo 24, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events I

Dang.. the past weeks were very troublesome.. lotsa exams, an INC to resolve this week, some unavoidable traumatic circumstances - indeed, history repeats itself.

Finally, I had a UPS installed on my system for stable uptime, and days after, I lost my phone to two suspicious people. How? Hmm.. Luck was not with me, I rushed to MB hoping to grab a copy of the sample final exam released by my prof and placed it in an envelop at his door to have his students photocopy it. Unfortunately, I didn't had the chance to copy it or even a glance to it. Selfish people suck. If only I knew that they (the students who had the sample exam photocopied) won't be returning those samples, I shouldn't have gone to MB by riding a Toki jeep. The jeep that I had taken in going to MB was also the same vehicle that I had ride in leaving MB and I'm also in the same front seat of the jeepney (obviously, after that Toki jeep had completed one route). As I left the jeepney on that same spot where I had left it before and heading towards UPCC, I tried examining my pockets to check that my belongings were still intact but I noticed that my phone was gone! I thought that I left or just dropped it on the jeepney so I rushed to the side of the UP Law hoping to see the same Toki jeep. After maybe 10 minutes of waiting, I didn't noticed any instance of that jeep - this made me assume that I hadn't made it on time to catch it at that point of time. I thought that I could still encounter the jeep by the other side again so I left first my stuff at the UPCC and tried to wait for Toki jeeps on the spot where I usually ride a Toki jeep. Arriving on that spot, I noticed two old people - a man and a woman maybe in their 70s on the other side of the street. No cellphone was found on the ground (as expected), but I noticed something strange on the old man.. why? He picked something at the middle of the street but I was sure that it was not my phone. I tried asking a janitor cleaning the sidewalks but he found nothing. I was desperate so I tried to ask the two old people who looks very guilty of something nasty or naughty, but as usual they denied seeing a phone on that spot. So I was hopeless at that point while having second thoughts of the whereabouts of my phone. Here's the interesting part: after asking the two old strangers and leaving the spot, I tried to look back at them and it's like we're 10-15 meters away and the two strangers were still looking at me!So, I was convinced that my phone's with them and yet I still tried to check MB for the third time to see if the jeepney driver had noticed my phone. I was only sure of one thing: the two strangers (after mysteriously waiting for minutes, they seem so confused as to what jeep they were looking for) rode a UP Philcoa jeep. And I'm expecting that phone in the displays at Philcoa. Well, the thing was my phone is very had to sell.. why? obviously it is not a Nokia model, it looked very worn out..and the process of changing the cases, keypads, etc. is very expensive - almost equal to its selling price in the market. Oh well, enough of this kind of rant..

I had a hard time reviewing for the Math final exam.. stupid sample final exam.. crazy classmates.. oh well.. The final exam was kinda long, and the thing that I hated most about it was the existence of the Taylor series and its forms.. oh well..

The following day at 7am, I had a biology exam. Well, I had not memorized the names of specific people having weird reproductive life and also due to the fact that I was absent at the last session of Biology because of my last long exam in Math 55. Anyway, I guess that everything will turn out just fine after these series of unfortunate events.
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