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lunes, mayo 02, 2005

A Hopeless Fanatic?

Am I a hopeless Linux fanatic? hopeless Linux advocate? nah.. after initiating good threads on one forum filled mostly with Wind0ze fanatics, I had really found the job of advocating very difficult especially in a forum packed with closed-minded people.

For instance, having the initiative to spread the word through the creation of such threads: Wind0ze-specific hardware on Linux issue, New Firefox version released, A Very Special Thread, and Study Finds Wind0ze more secure than Linux - most of them getting locked by the admin/moderator. The topics seemed to be very controversial and heat/anger generating and not for the ones who have little threshold of anger. They still don't wanna face the reality that they have been using a hopeless, expensive, and not creativity-inducing OS for years! Who cares about viruses? spywares? adwares? malwares? It's about time that the Tiger and the Penguin search for $PATHs instead of Winbloze.

Everything that I had begun was like getting nonsense after all.. I wouldn't wonder.. nothing is new in this world, chaos is everywhere.. there is no free speech in this era anymore. My version of the Inferno is definitely true! The mentality of the people - severely corrupted by such corporations or companies. People still continue to pirate here, there, everywhere! I don't think they would even care if the Philippines notches the top of the list of piracy violators of other countries, specifically the US. National IDs gonna be implemented. How? AFAIK, they'll be having an affiliation with M$!

Oh well..

"And Where Shall Wisdom Be Found? And Where Is The Place Of Understanding?" (Job 28: 12, 13)

Forgive them.. for they do not know what they're doing.
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