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sábado, abril 16, 2005

At last, and so it is..

And so it is, just like God said it should be..

Finally, my Eng 12 classcard had been released 3 days ago. Getting that very last card was very heart-thumping...Why? Before that time, I had been very clueless if i'll gonna pass or fail. There was even an item in one of his take-home exams that talked about the dilemma or a choice of a professor in passing or failing one of his students, and we should answer the question by picking one from the personalities of the characters in the readings we had discussed during his lectures. The moment I received my sentence, i was so shocked about the result. Neither did I got a 5.0 or even a 3.0! It was a lot higher than what I had expected. It's just that in most of my not-so-lucky experiences, I was always in the worst section, schedule and professor. The returns were great but oftentimes there were some regrets. *Sigh*

Anyway, at least I didn't create another instance of an INC, I had also completed my MP before the end of last week. The result was also a lot higher than what I had expected.

There had been lotsa change of plans.. I'll be trying to get a foreign language this coming first semester (hoping to have an easy one), and there would not be any instance of a subject outside my curriculum like CS12 or Math54. Maybe I'll try to get some of those kinds of subjects again by second semester. I'm also on-training for an internetwork-based helpdesk while taking up summer classes. It's gonna be a very, very exciting challenge for me.

Hmm.. (poses like "The Thinker")


Anonymous Anónimo said...

ei about dun sa foreign lang.. ang masasabi ko e kng jap kelangan mo mag-memorize pati pagsulat ng mga characters kya kng feeling mo na kaya m.. basta bahala k.. ehe hehe.. kng san mo mas gusto saka kng saan mo mas kaya yn nlng..

11:56 p. m.  

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