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viernes, mayo 13, 2005

Iterated Triple DisIntegrated

Finally, i had the chance to post again after numerous intoxicating situations. Math 54 seemed to be easier than Math 55..why? since I had taken Math 54 in a normal sem whereas the Math 55 this summer, that is also approaching the last weeks or even days of it. Weird? Yes, it is! Math 55 is only a 3-unit course as compared to the easy Math 53 i had taken last summer. Well, maybe it's just that I feel that the summer session of this year is kinda short. And the challenging one is to take full units (sort of 6) which i'm presently doing. Would you believe that I had just taken my 1st long exam in Biology 1 hour ago?... and also that there's only a week left before Finals? Awww shucks..

I really hate this summer.. kinda hot.. hotter than last year.. Last year seemed to be an enjoyable one. I even used to play Ragnarok during that time. Well, this year's different. It's like that I had only accomplished 40% of my objectives, not to forget my crappy INC at UPM. I find it very hard to go there..too far to reach, traffic and the risks of going there as well (like hold-ups, etc).

Well, the only good thing that I had gained this year (including summer) is Linux tricks, tips, strategies in calculating stuffs by using Calculus, having an OC (obssessive compulsivve) prof, a relatively short session of Biology 1 and other stuffs that I guess need not to be elaborated more.

Sad to say, I lost my UPS.
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