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domingo, mayo 29, 2005

Summer Ender

I therefore declare this Sunday night to be the end of summer although there were still past unresolved issues. During the last weeks, most of the TV series I had watched were already in their latest season ender/finales. I had watched Navy NCIS..too bad Kate was killed - head shot. But I kinda like Abby's personality -> a geek goth. In Smallville, Clark was finally on the path to becoming Superman - he had collected the stones but i guess it was also the first time that he had not rescued Lana from another meteor shower. Lionel was dead, Chloe and Lex were left inside the caves wondering where Clark is and what he's up to. Lois crawls in a hillside as she watches the town of Smallville destroyed by showers of meteors and fires. Hopefully in its next season, Lex will be the same as Anakin Skywalker in the Episode 3 of Star Wars - turning to the dark side. Another great series was Numb3rs, a CSI-like series that solves crimes by using Math sprinkled with Physics.. I would say that it is enough to change your views on the power of Calculus in our everyday life. Alias was also impressive. Its latest episode featured Von disclosing his true identity to Sydney while he's driving the car with her (after a marriage proposal), and by the time he told Sydney that his real name wasn't Von, the car came to a crash coming from the side of Von smashing towards Sydney. I hope that it is not yet the season ender.

Oh well, tomorrow is the release of some results from my summer classes. Gotta get ready to face it.

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