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viernes, abril 22, 2005

Very Ludicrous..

Last Wednesday was such a fascinating one. During my free time staying at the UPCC Dilnet Helpdesk, I was assigned a task to install Linux for the UPD PH (or something like that) with 2 other SA applicants.. And what kind of Linux was it? Mandrake!, the distro that I somewhat hated (a view expected from a Fedora-Redhat loyalist). Since it was really my first time to install Mandrake, I was very clueless about it... There was no SA that is going to accompany us.. therefore, I had to take the initiative to lead my highschool-mates (they were a batch lower/younger than me) despite the fact that I didn't knew where the location of the office was.. Finally, we had managed to locate the destination and started to work it out. At first, the Processing Unit had messed up because of Power problems.. We even had the hardware opened to examine if the boards were really working but there was not a sign of flowing electricity.. So I had suggested to try another unit again, and it worked! Next problem was the monitor but it didn't took that long to solve the problem.. The real one was when I had had moved on with Mandrake's installation, after finishing the packages and a reboot, Mandrake showed me a tty or terminal login instead of the graphical boot/login that I expected. I tried running some startx but it won't budge, even the combo keys didn't work too.. After a maximum of 5 trials, I finally realized that I hadn't set the graphical/monitor stuffs properly.. Why? IMO, Mandrake was not that user-friendly.. for if it was, I wouldn't have any problems at all.. But this one really depends on perspective - "A Linux distribution is like a religion." At least, the SA applicants with me already knew what to look forward in case they will encounter some similar problems that we had that time.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

yikeeee... boss chippp... :D

12:59 p. m.  

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